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My Goal

My goal is to make good use out of all the excess food that was purchased due to the Coronavirus. Families all over the country purchased extra food because of the lockdown; however, much of this food will go to waste. With your help and support, we can make the best of this unfortunate situation. We would like to collect the extra food that you purchased and donate it to the Hesed House. There is no need to let your food go to waste!

The Pickup Process

This is a very simple process for anyone that chooses to donate. We want to make this quick and easy. After scheduling a pickup time, our team will come to your home and receive any goods that you wish to donate. Remember, your donations help save those who are less fortunate than us.


Another option would be to have us drop off a bin at a convenient time for you and then pick it up when you wish

What is the Hesed House?

The Hesed House is the second-largest homeless shelter in Illinois. This homeless shelter serves both individuals and families that endure the hardships of homelessness. Hesed House assists around 16 homeless individuals every week. Our mission is to distribute the goods that we collect to this charity. For more information about their shelter, visit their website below.




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